Rokt Indoor Climbing Centre, Brighouse

Today we headed to Rokt Climbing Gym, in Brighouse, which is south west of Leeds, north of Huddersfield. It was our first time there, and it’s a really great venue – set inside an old flour mill, the climbing is varied and interesting. Registration was quick and easy, with just a standard members agreement and a few questions to establish competency. The staff are great, really friendly, and gave us a tour of the whole centre when we registered – recommended as the old mill layout seems to have been retained, leading to all sorts of tucked away places to boulder and climb! Their main leading wall is 21m high, which is a good height – after a couple of routes we were really starting to notice the extra metres not found at other walls – good endurance practice! There’s a good selection of lead routes, graded between 5+ and 7b, and a number of volumes spread out across the routes, which lead to the climbing feeling more similar to being outdoors. As well as the lead wall, they have really made the most of the old mill venue, with top-rope routes inside multiple old grain silos. There’s currently three silos open, with currently being redeveloped. The route setting is good, with plenty of variety and interest. One of the silos is currently a “blacklight” climbing solo – an interesting concept where you’re climbing in the dark under UV light, on florescent holds. Aimed more at beginners and parties, it’s an interesting, different concept nonetheless. Speaking with the staff there, there’s plans to develop another silo as a dry-tooling venue, and to develop a full caving system inside another.

There’s also a large amount of bouldering facilities at Rokt, including circuits and some wooden holds (easier on the hands!). We didn’t spend any time bouldering on this visit, as we were too enamoured with the climbing!

Rokt is a great venue, and after working the routes there, we came away feeling stronger, so the plan is now to try to work the venue into our regular climbing rotation – still on the quest to 7a! More details about Rokt can be found on there website here:

Have you climbed at Rokt? What are your thoughts on the unconventional venue and setup? We’d love to know – comment below!


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